Patient Testimonials

I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere of the office; it is so welcoming and fun-spirited. I am so happy with my new smile, and I just wanted to thank Pearson Orthodontics! –  Taylor P.

I like how nice all the staff are. Pearson Orthodontics have been a fun experience that helped me change my teeth. –  Nora J.

I liked everything at Pearson Orthodontics, everyone was very nice, and everything went smooth. I appreciate the help you guys gave me for my smile! –  Mecah C.

I’m always excited to come here because I usually feel no pain and every time I leave, it seems like my teeth are straighter than they were before. –  Elle H.

I had a really good experience at Pearson Orthodontics. I want to say thank you very much and what I liked best about my experience was how nice everyone is. –  Elizabeth

Thank you for giving me this smile. One I never dreamed of having. And Dr. Pearson’s patience and long-term plan has given me a bite that can handle anything. I no longer have a fear of cracking a permanent tooth, biting the insides of my cheeks or losing a baby tooth. All those things are in the past. Dr. Pearson was so good about taking me through the steps, answering all of my questions and never giving up on me. I am so very grateful. –  Mary Jo F.



I was a patient of both Drs. Pearson back in the mid-90s, and my braces came off in November, 1998. Today, while visiting my new dentist in Massachusetts (where I now live), she looks in my mouth and says, "Wow! Do you remember the name of your orthodontist? He's an artist! You have such beautiful teeth! I mean, really." Fifteen years after the last visit, I STILL get compliments on my smile... (I've even have strangers come up to me and say, "Has anyone ever told you you have perfect teeth?" To which I have to reply, "Yep, I had a great doctor."). I really have no reason to email other than to pass that along because it made me smile (all those months in headgear paid off! Ha). I was just a kid when you "fixed" my smile, but as an adult, I really appreciate what that meansA.S. Eden Prairie

I liked how everyone was really nice and always explained what was happening so there was no need to worry.Cole M.

I really love how well my teeth look! Compared to all my friends’ teeth at school that go to other orthodontists, mine look the best!Maddie M.

I always had fun coming to Pearson Orthodontics because the chairs are comfy, the music is fun to listen to, you can watch tv and the staff is super friendly.Sam L.

As an adult this experience has been life changing! Pearson Orthodontics has an amazing staff!Dustin F.

I liked that Dr. Pearson recommended we wait until all my daughters baby teeth were out instead of some orthodontists.Angela N.

I loved that Pearson Orthodontics has WIFI so that I could get work done while my children were at their appointments.Ingrid C.

Amazing and friendly staff. They are all very professional and I never felt out of place as an adult patient, thanks for everything!Becca W.

I really like how efficient the appointments are and that I could get in early or late so I didn’t have to miss much school.Grace K.

My experience was great! I really like how Pearson Orthodontics is involved in the community and sponsor my brother’s baseball team.Zach A.

I really like how easy it was to schedule appointments. Dr. Pearson only has 1 office so we always saw the same staff and never had to go to a different location.Shelley S.

I am really grateful for the fact that Dr. Pearson never settled. He wanted my teeth to be perfect and all the hard work has paid off!Addison F.

I liked the very nice and cheerful assistants. They always greeted me and made the not so fun stuff more fun. Dr. Pearson was also always in the loop with my athletics and I like that he asked for an update each time I came in.Maggie G.

My experience at Pearson Orthodontics was incredible. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and made everything very comfortable. Dr. Pearson always had funny anecdotes to share with me and always asked what I was up to.Will M.

When I came to Pearson Orthodontics my teeth were a mess. I had a missing tooth and a giant gap. I didn’t smile often because I didn’t like the way they looked. Now it’s a different story! Everyone says I have perfect teeth and I smile ALL THE TIME.Rachel W.